[AstroPy] Proliferating py-astro-libs

Christoph Deil Christoph.Deil at mpi-hd.mpg.de
Mon Jun 13 16:52:42 EDT 2011

On Jun 13, 2011, at 9:35 PM, Tommy Grav wrote:

> That is great to hear! One of the things I miss is the ability to use python to do simple profile plots of
> stars and asteroids in CCD images (i can't recall the IRAF command at the moment, as it has been a
> while since I used it). Maybe there are some existing package that someone can point me too? I guess one
> way to contribute to the early effort is to review what exists and suggest what packages to assimilate and
> which one needs changes/improvements. Is there a good list of the different astronomy packages out there?
> Cheers
>   Tommy

For a list of python astronomy packages, have a look at

For profiling images have a look at the functionality in CIAO / Sherpa:

E.g. here is a tutorial on how to make and fit a radial profile:


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