[AstroPy] Proliferating py-astro-libs

James Turner jturner at gemini.edu
Mon Jun 13 16:53:19 EDT 2011

> I agree with the idea of a workshop! (but with few talks, and
> discussing/deciding/planning/coding would be the majority). I think
> face to face would be much better than teleconference. I also like
> the idea of a dedicated workshop, not a splinter.

We could do both (a face-to-face workshop with video connections or
whatever to whomever else wants to dial in; I wouldn't want to shut
out students or people in far-flung continents).

I agree that we'd keep the talks brief, just for context (1 day?)
and focus on things like how to contribute, actually doing so and

> I suggest that those of us interested in a small workshop see what
> would be possible in our own institutions. I think in the end we
> should keep this focused on the development (rather than a general
> python in astronomy conference). Keeping it small will also make it
> easier to organize and manage.

Chile would be nice but is probably a bit too far for people(?). As
someone pointed out, Baltimore and Harvard seem relatively accessible
for people from the US and Europe.



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