[AstroPy] AstroPy Digest, Vol 58, Issue 16

Perry Greenfield perry at stsci.edu
Tue Jun 14 16:02:24 EDT 2011

On Jun 14, 2011, at 2:42 PM, James Turner wrote:

> Thanks for the candid remarks. It seems like a good time for Perry
> to comment :-). I do think the solution needs community buy-in, so
> this kind of discussion is important.
> I believe the AstroPy list belongs to Paul Barrett and I'd be
> interested to know what he thinks about naming stuff after it.
> James.
> PS. Regarding the Astrolib repository, I know there have been some
> practical reasons for moving it a couple of times and now it is
> hosted on a paid Sourceforge-like site (not sure it does git). I
> don't know whether that counts as a neutral location.

I don't know if Paul thinks he owns it (I thinks he reads this list so  
he can jump in here). I think it started at Goddard, but was migrated  
to scipy.org years ago when he was here at STScI. STScI has  
essentially been managing the mailing list since then. I don't think  
anyone has really claimed ownership of that term or astrolib (we  
don't). I think either should be controlled by any one institution.

And just looking, it does seem assembla (where we are hosting the svn  
repository) does support git now. One reason we put it there was that  
if you are paying for it, you have some legal recourse with the  
hosting organization, which you don't nearly as much with the free ones.


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