[AstroPy] Deployment and packaging

Lisa M Winter lisa.winter at Colorado.EDU
Thu Jun 16 14:00:20 EDT 2011

Peter, it looks like you are using Mac OS 10.3?  I hadn't found any  
binary installations that work with Snowleopard... and now of course  
we will need to worry about Lion.  Then there was the issue of how  
this all works on a 64-bit machine.

There is a tutorial on: http://blog.hyperjeff.net/?p=160, which I had  
tried.  However, I ended up with errors in several points going  
through this.

I think that the average user is likely to see a website like this and  
give up at some point through the process if they get too many errors  
and continue to use whatever package they are used to (e.g., IDL).

Also, I agree with Brad, matplotlib was difficult to install, until  
you use a distribution like Enthought that just gets everything  
working.  I didn't like using Scisoft, however, because it installs  
multiple copies of some applications I've already installed (like iraf/ 
pyraf).  Plus, I'm not sure all the distributions are up to date.

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