[AstroPy] POLL: vision for a common Astronomy package

Luigi Paioro luigi at lambrate.inaf.it
Tue Jun 28 06:16:50 EDT 2011

Dear all,

   I have just voted the global vision giving my general agreement. Yes, 
a bit of discussion would be certainly appreciated, but I guess that 
this is just a starting point and not a final document. For this reason 
I tryed to add a comment to my vote, but the wiki system raised an error 
and thus my comment hasn't been committed. So, my general comment is this:

The vision document says:

"[...] Initially, no dependency on GUI toolkits will be allowed in the 
core package. If the community reaches agrees on a single toolkit that 
could be used, then this toolkit will be allowed (but will only be 
imported as needed)."

While I agree that initially no dependency on GUI toolkits should be 
allowed in the core library, I think that it would be desirable to reach 
an agreement on a single toolkit ASAP.

Maybe GUIs are not really important for the core library, but most of 
the programs we have written so far at INAF-IASF Milano (SAMPy included) 
rely on a GUI toolkit (alas, usually diverse). If I could unify them 
making them compliant with the AstroPy endorsed toolkit, I would be happy.

Think about this.



Il 06/28/11 11:32, Stefan Czesla ha scritto:
> Dear all,
> first I would like to thank Tom, Perry, and Eric for their work. I agree
> with Marshall, a binary vote
> may be little restrictive to vote on such a complex issue. What
> irritated me a little more, however,
> is that the vision was not put up for discussion before the community
> was asked to vote on it. At
> least this has not been stated explicitly and the vision does not
> contain a reference to a place (maybe
> this list) were the comments can be made. Even though nobody stops
> anybody from making
> any comments, this does not mean that they will be considered at any
> time (there hardly would be time
> until the vote closes).
> I do not think that this is all stuff, which can be done later.
> So it is the presentation (not necessarily the vision), which I find a
> little irritating. As we are in
> a learning process, it is necessary to put this on the table right now;
> so please take this as
> constructive criticism and not complaining.
> Cheers,
> Stefan

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