[AstroPy] Practical Python for Astronomers web tutorial

James Turner jturner at gemini.edu
Mon May 23 12:51:20 EDT 2011

Hi Tom,

Thanks, that sounds great (the link is currently timing out for me
though, so I can't look at it). Will post locally.

Ah, the link just started working...



On 23/05/11 10:18, Tom Aldcroft wrote:
> My colleagues and I would like to announce the availability of a web
> tutorial aimed at teaching Python to astronomers through a series of
> interactive workshops:
>    http://python4astronomers.github.com/
> Practical Python for Astronomers is a series of hands-on workshops to
> explore the Python language and the analysis tools it provides. The
> emphasis is on using Python to solve real-world problems that
> astronomers are likely to encounter in research.  Some features:
> - Workshops immediately use plotting, analysis, and file reading tools.
> - Along the way elements of the Python language are introduced.
> - Workshops are interactive using examples run by participants on their laptops.
> - Comprehensive instructions a given for installing a full Python environment.
> There are two goals.  First is to provide tutorials suitable for
> self-study by those wishing to learn Python for astronomy.  The
> greater goal is for those knowledgable in Python to teach the workshop
> series at their local institutions, adapting the content as desired.
> To that end we have developed the content in Sphinx RestructuredText
> and hosted the source on github at
> https://github.com/python4astronomers/. Anyone interested can clone
> the repository or download a tarball and make modifications needed to
> present the material locally.  We would also welcome comments, fixes,
> or suggestions for improvement. This can be done as a Github issue or
> pull request, or by sending email to aldcroft at head.cfa.harvard.edu.
> The workshop material here was presented in the Spring of 2011 at the
> Harvard / Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. A range of about 25 to
> 50 people participated in the different workshops, which were 1.5
> hours in duration.  One key accomplishment was installing a working
> Python with NumPy, SciPy, and IPython on over 50 laptops (MacOS,
> linux, and Windows) during a single session.
> Tom Aldcroft
> Tom Robitaille
> Brian Refsdal
> Gus Muench
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