[AstroPy] Question about Atpy with MySQL

Dr. Juan E Cabanela Ph.D. cabanela at mnstate.edu
Mon May 23 16:38:29 EDT 2011

I am new to python, trying to convert myself from the pain that is the current combination of perl, C, FORTRAN, and MySQL that I use for my research.

I have been trying to implement a MySQL query in ATpy to my MySQL 5.5.12 database.  I have ATpy and MySQL-Python 1.2.3 installed.

Whenever I try to issue a query like the following (in my case in the 'ipython -pylab' environment):

import atpy
t = atpy.Table('mysql', user='juan', password='XXXX', database='BigGalaxies', \
    table='CompareParams', \
    query='SELECT * FROM CompareParams;' )

I get the following error:

TypeError: 'password' is an invalid keyword argument for this function

If I am interpreting the trace error correctly, the ultimate error get
traced to MySQLdb/connections.pyc.  I suspect this means my MySQL-python installation
is bad.  

Does anyone have any advice/wisdom for resolving this sort of error?  


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