[AstroPy] DATAMD5 calculation

Ole Streicher astropy at liska.ath.cx
Tue May 24 15:47:41 EDT 2011


is there a method in pyfits to calc or verify the MD5 checksum (keyword
DATAMD5 in the primary header) for a HDUList? As far as I understand,
the writeto() method just calcs some other checksums.

I only found some method that calcs this for a file on the disk; however
this uses the internal hdu._datLoc and hdu._datSpan methods, and I would
like to apply it also to a newly created pyfits.HDUList (or to one that
is changed after reading). As far as I understand, it just takes the
MD5sum of all data for all HDUs from _datLoc to _datLoc+_datSpan. How
would I do that "legally" with the different HDU types?

Best regards


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