[AstroPy] Python installation and ecosystem tutorial update

Erik Bray embray at stsci.edu
Tue Apr 3 18:15:10 EDT 2012

On 04/03/2012 08:59 AM, Tom Aldcroft wrote:
> In preparation for a 2 hour workshop at CfA today I've updated the
> Python4Astronomers tutorial section on installing scientific Python
> and understanding the Python package ecosystem:
>    http://python4astronomers.github.com/installation/installation.html
> As always I'm interested in different perspectives and feedback.  I
> hope someday there will be one clearly superior solution for
> installation, but we're not there yet.
> You can see recent commits here:
>    https://github.com/python4astronomers/python4astronomers/commits/master
> Thanks,
> Tom

Very nice writeup!

At some point I need to add to that a small tutorial on creating Python 
distributions and developing/testing with virtualenv and setup.py develop.

Not that there isn't other documentation out there, but a lot of it is 
outdated or incomplete, and doesn't address all the issues that might 
come up in packaging science software.

It's far too often that I *still* see people doing things like

sudo cp foo.py /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/



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