[AstroPy] Fwd: SciPy 2012 - Registration and deadlines

Erik Bray embray at stsci.edu
Fri Apr 27 11:08:58 EDT 2012

I haven't gotten any sort of confirmation whether or not I'll be able to 
go.  But in addition to this mini-symposium I would really like to have 
an Astropy sprint for a couple days to get as many of the pending 0.1 
issues hammered out as possible.  I'd even be willing to help organize it :)

Erik B.

On 04/27/2012 11:04 AM, Tom Aldcroft wrote:
> Have any others definitely decided to go or not go?  I'm still on the
> fence, but the mini-symposium certainly pushes me toward the go side.
> It would be good for the AstroPy project to be represented with people
> and a talk/poster.
> - Tom
> On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 9:54 AM, James Turner<jturner at gemini.edu>  wrote:
>>> What dates will the mini-symposium be held?
>> They said either on Wednesday or Thursday evening. Not sure which yet.
>> Cheers,
>> James.

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