[AstroPy] Refractive index calculations (feedback request)

Prasanth oneaufs at gmail.com
Fri Feb 3 05:22:00 EST 2012


I have written a module in Python for calculating refractive index under
different environmental conditions, and for converting wavelength of light
between air and vacuum.  The code is based on the documentation for the  NIST
online refractive index of air

It would be great to know how this compares to existing tools used by
astronomers in their research level code. The function
"ref_index._test_idlastro()" includes some comparison with IDLASTRO vac2air
and air2vac procedures.

The module is available at http://pypi.python.org/pypi/ref_index. It has no
dependencies outside of standard Python libraries. It can be installed
using "pip install ref_index".

Documentation is available within the source code, and it can also be
displayed in interactive Python/iPython session by typing "help(ref_index)"
after importing ref_index. All functions also have documentation.

The development repository is at https://github.com/phn/ref_index .

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