[AstroPy] Including kcorrect as a astropy affiliated package?

Taro Sato taro at ap.smu.ca
Sat Jan 7 17:59:27 EST 2012

Hi there.  I have not been diligently following the astropy discussion
lately, so I may sound totally ignorant but please bear with me.

I've written a Python wrapper for kcorrect by Michael Blanton, a
popular IDL/C tool for k-correction, photo-z, and all that cool stuff
people love to do with spectral-energy distribution fitting for high-z
galaxies these days.  I needed it for research recently and updated
the Python version to work with the most recent version/data available
(@ http://howdy.physics.nyu.edu/index.php/Kcorrect).

I just got a permission from Michael to distribute the package
(conditions of use being to cite his tool paper), and was going to
make it available somewhere (likely github) and announce it here.
That handy IDL tool now available on Python, only that you pay $19.99
USD to me upon each instantiation of KCorrect object!   (...just

But I actually wondered if this sort of thing can be considered for
inclusion in astropy.

I had no intention of forking Michael's work, just wrote a
SWIG-extension for the core library and translated just a few of the
most useful IDL routines in (hopefully) Pythonic ways.  For inclusion
into astropy, however, I presume that there are some styles,
interfaces and such to follow, which I'm willing to make changes now
but wish to make sure it is going to be worth it, not to mention an
additional permission from the original library writer would be

So my question is, will an independently developed tool like kcorrect
be considered at all for an astropy module eventually?  If so, how
should I go about this?

Thank you for your time.

Taro Sato
Department of Astronomy & Physics
Saint Mary's University             email: taro at ap.smu.ca
Halifax, NS B3H 3C3                 phone: (902)420-5018
Canada                                web: http://ap.smu.ca/~taro

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