[AstroPy] transferring ownership of astropy.org to numfocus

James Turner jturner at gemini.edu
Thu Jun 7 15:24:42 EDT 2012

> Currently the astropy.org domain is held by STScI.

It's held by me! (But yes, the question is the same; actually it's
more important since STScI can't be run over by a bus but I can.)

> There was recent discussion amongst the astropy coordinators whether
> this should be held elsewhere. One natural place seemed to be the
> numfocus organization that was recently formed. They are willing to
> own (and pay the small annual fee) for the domain name. This seems
> like a sensible solution to have the domain held by such a
> organization rather than by a specific astronomical institution. But
> they wanted to know if there was any objection from the astropy
> community before doing so.

That's good news.

> Is there any?

I think it should be held by a non-profit, largely for the above
reason (and so it's not subject to someone's whim/interests and to
facilitate funding it). However, I don't want to discourage anyone
else here from expressing their opinion; the community needs to be
happy with it.

> For reference, here is a link to numfocus: http://numfocus.org

Thanks. I'll have a better look at that now it's a serious prospect
but that's just the kind of thing I personally had in mind. Does
Numfocus currently administer any other domains? It looks like
scipy.org is owned by Enthought. We'll need to discuss the
technical practicalities like updating DNS some more.



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