[AstroPy] Fwd: transferring ownership of astropy.org to numfocus

James Turner jturner at gemini.edu
Mon Jun 11 15:54:49 EDT 2012

> As for stability, that is a reasonable point to raise. Would any
> concern about that be alleviated if there was a condition that
> ownership of domain name be transferred to some-to-be-named-entity
> should numfocus cease to be, stop being non-profit, or have a
> significant redirection in its charter?

Yes, I was thinking of something like that too; that in the event
numfocus ceases operating, changes status or is no longer willing to
maintain the domain for the community, it is to be transferred (or
not) as instructed by the AstroPy co-ordination committee. That ought
to do it. Travis also said that projects would retain control of
property held by the foundation, so maybe all of that is implied
anyway (not sure whether control of property would extend to



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