[AstroPy] [astropy-dev] SOFA license change

Olе Streicher astropy at liska.ath.cx
Wed Jun 13 04:28:05 EDT 2012

Tom Aldcroft <aldcroft at head.cfa.harvard.edu> writes:
> As for the part about being C, from what I saw of the actual code it
> is very simple ANSI C and the whole thing compiles in 6.9 sec with
> zero warnings using gcc -pedantic on my very old Macbook.  So while I
> agree in general that C libraries should be approached warily, I think
> this one is pretty friendly.  (But of course one never really knows
> without trying on 20 different OS's...).

Since Debian installs on a variety of platforms, I can report that the
compilation and unit test of iausofa_c succeeds at least on the
following platforms:

* amd64, i386, ia64
* alpha
* PowerPC 32 and 64 bit
* arm little endian with and w/o FP emulation
* mips big & little endian
* IBM zSeries direct and userland (s390/s390x)
* SuperH RISC 

* Hurd on i386
* KFreebsd (BSD kernel with Debian userland) on i386 and amd64

Contrary to the original code, we build a shared library. No compilation
has failed so far. Sure, the environment is always Debian (and the
compiler is gcc), but the system architectures vary heavily, and I would
have a good feeling about the portability of the code.

The build pages:

Best regards


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