[AstroPy] Mailing list --> Stackoverflow format?

Eli Bressert ebressert at cfa.harvard.edu
Sun Jun 17 05:28:39 EDT 2012

Hi everyone,

I'm avid fan of stackoverflow.com for asking questions/finding
solutions on non-astronomy Python problems. The information format on
the website is very simple to search through and ask questions. As a
mailing list there is nothing wrong with the current format, but I do
prefer the stackoverflow format.

We can propose it on area51.stackexchange.com (Astropython Beta) and
see how it fares. I noticed that the Astronomy Beta project didn't
work out due to a lack of activity. Why the lack of activity? Not
sure. If we were to have Astropython Beta go up, I may be more
successful for several reasons.

1) We already have an active mailing list

2) Astropython Beta could act as a communication medium for
astro-related python packages and users

3) Astropy.org is about released and Astropython Beta could be a
helpful platform for new Python adopters

Having a separate mailing list for every astro-related Python package
can be tedious to follow through emails. If Astropython Beta were a
central source of communication it could make life for both the dev's
and users easier. I'm curious others think of this idea. If it has
been discussed before... sorry for bringing up the topic again.


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