[AstroPy] External packages in astropy

Olе Streicher astropy at liska.ath.cx
Thu Jun 21 05:24:02 EDT 2012

Hi David,

David Berry <d.berry at jach.hawaii.edu> writes:
>> AST uses its own, private, incarnation of wcstools files which have some
>> extensions that are not in wcstools yet.

> False. AST does not have anything from wcstools in it. In it's early
> days (10 years ago), it incorporated a couple of smallish files from
> wcslib which have since been modified extensively and very differently
>  in both wcslib and AST, so that they are now completely independent
> of each other (except for the required copyright recognition). The
> only external libraries that AST depends on are SOFA, and the Starlink
> PAL library (a utility layer on top of SOFA), both of which come
> bundled with AST in pristine unmodified form and so can be replaced
> easily.

Sorry, that was my fault. I was just confused in this moment by the
different versions of AST that were used in DS9. AST looks quite nice
from my perspective.

Best regards


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