[AstroPy] External packages in astropy

Olе Streicher astropy at liska.ath.cx
Tue Jun 26 17:52:13 EDT 2012

Michael Droettboom <mdroe at stsci.edu> writes:
> [...] the SIP compatibility patch is considered reasonable for
> upstream and will allow wcslib to accept SIP without actually
> supporting itself (which is a reasonable thing to do).

I would like to come back to my original proposal to move all external
sources to cextern (possibly renaming it to thirdparty, since it may
cover not just C code), and to have a policy that they should remain
untouched -- at least, any change there should be done only if there is
really a good reason, and that

* the original author refuses to incorporate the changes, and

* it cannot be circumvented in the Python code (or at least would have a
  huge drawback)

In this case, these changes should be well-documented, so that a
packager can discuss them with the corresponding maintainer of the
package. Target should always be to use libraries that are already
packaged whereever possible.

Does this sound reasonable?

Best regards


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