[AstroPy] problem with vo.table library and VOtable file from Vizier

Jerome Caron jerome_caron_astro at ymail.com
Fri May 4 17:58:55 EDT 2012

Dear list
I cannot correctly open a VOtable created by Vizier with the vo.table library.
The concerned xml file can be found here:
What happens is that, by chance, there are exactly 256 stars in the file (it's a field in Auriga, about 2deg*2deg with stars up to magnitude 11).
The following instructions in python return an array with 512 rows. The first 256 rows are occupied by the stars, and the next 256 rows contain only zeros. But the Python code should return a 256 rows array with only the stars ! I am not sure if something is wrong in the file or if that's a bug in the python module ?
Any help would be greatly appreciated... :-)
Many thanks
Jerome Caron
from vo.table import parse_single_table
cat = parse_single_table("vizier.xml")
data = cat.array
print data['RAJ2000']    #print alpha --> 512 lines
print data['DEJ2000']    #print delta --> 512 lines
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