[AstroPy] Leading/trailing space in PARAM value in vo.table

Rodney Barnett astropy at pzzlr.org
Wed May 9 13:31:50 EDT 2012


I've encountered another problem though I don't see it explicitly 
addressed in the VOTable specs.  Maybe someone can tell me whether the 
problem is in the data files I'm working with or the vo.table package.

My data files have tags like this:
<PARAM name="XYZ" datatype="double" arraysize="2" ucd="pos;obs.param" 
value="    734.90     -23.799" unit="pix"/>

vo.table interprets the array as having three entries and complains 
since the stated size is two.

I made a change in converters.py to strip the value before splitting it 
and the problem was resolved.  However, I'm uncertain whether the value 
should be interpreted as having some sort of empty value as the first 
element instead.


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