[AstroPy] problem with 'test the installation' of python

foad hanassi-savari foadhanassi-savari at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Dec 2 06:40:31 EST 2013

Hi there, 
I have installed ipython via anaconda and it seems to be working fine and I installed the packages as instructed on the website: http://python4astronomers.github.io/installation/python_install.html. I have installed the packages as instructed and am able to import astropy, aplpy, pyregion and pyparsing.The issue rises when trying to test the installation!  the magic cells in my version of the ipython (ipython(py2.7)) are written as %%python (I don't really understand the difference between these and the suggested test on the website). This is not a problem, however, %%ipython is not listed on my cell magic list (%lsmagic) but when I type %%ipython I don't get an error! print numpy.__version__, prints 1.7.1 print scipy.__version__, prints 0.13.0and print matplotlib.__version__, gives me an error unless I import matplotlib (I don't know if that is a problem or not!)
But the main issue is that I don't get a plot of sin wave, instead when I type (plot(x, sin(x)) I get an error saying that plot is not defined!
Also, I am using windows.
Can you please help me out here, I am planning to study astrophysics and I really need/want to be good at programming.
Thank you,
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