[AstroPy] Astropy 0.3 and TPV projection

Kyle Barbary kyle at anl.gov
Tue Dec 3 15:15:59 EST 2013

The TPV projection [1] is also being used by the Dark Energy Survey. I
think support for TPV would have to be implemented in Mark Calabretta's
wcslib C library, which underlies astropy.wcs. It seems like programs that
do support TPV generally use the "other" wcs library [2]. Does anyone know
if support for TPV is planned for wcslib?
It would be really nice to have.

[1] http://fits.gsfc.nasa.gov/registry/tpvwcs.html
[2] http://tdc-www.harvard.edu/software/wcstools/libwcs.subs.html

On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 11:54 AM, Jean-Baptiste Marquette
<marquett at iap.fr>wrote:

> Hi Astropy gurus,
> I'm just testing this new and impressive release with images from the SSO
> SkyMapper telescope, and got trouble with the TPV projection, since these
> images were calibrated using Emmanuel Bertin's SCAMP package. The message
> is:
> WARNING: FITSFixedWarning: 'celfix' made the change 'Unrecognized
> projection code (TPV in CTYPE1)'. [astropy.wcs.wcs]
> I previously seamlessly used the astLib package, and both ds9 and
> Gaia/Starlink image browsers recognize the TPV projection. Integration in
> Astropy's wcs module would be greatly appreciated as well.
> Thanks for your help,
> Cheers,
> JB
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