[AstroPy] Fwd: Call for Lorentz Center Workshop proposals. Deadline 15 January 2014

Thomas Robitaille thomas.robitaille at gmail.com
Fri Dec 6 11:51:06 EST 2013

Hi everyone,

The Lorentz center in Leiden has put out a call for workshop proposals
(see below). I would like to put in a proposal to organize a week-long
Python in Astronomy workshop during which we can have presentations,
sprints, tutorials, etc. If a proposal is accepted, the full costs for
the conference are paid for by the Lorentz center, so this doesn't
require applying for any other source of funding. If you think the
idea is interesting and would potentially be interested in joining
forces to write such a proposal, please let me know!

It might be nice to have a one-off meeting on specifically python in
astronomy rather than just a special session at a SciPy meeting, and I
think a LOT could be achieved by bringing together a few dozen
developers, users, etc. The Lorentz center is really nice - every
participant gets their own desk (typically 2-3 people per office), and
there are several bigger meeting rooms in addition to the lecture
room, so it would be an amazing place to hold a workshop with an
emphasis on making real progress in the coordination and development
of Astropy python packages.


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From: Lorentz Center - Announcements <announcements at lorentzcenter.nl>
Date: 6 December 2013 16:51
Subject: Call for Lorentz Center Workshop proposals. Deadline 15 January 2014

Dear Colleague,

The Lorentz Center calls for proposals for workshops in all fields of
natural and exact sciences, life sciences, computational science, and
technology. The workshops may also aim to connect one or more one of
these fields with the humanities and/or social sciences.

The deadline for application is 15 January 2014, for workshops that
will take place before May 2015.

Notice that the Lorentz Center has several collaborations:

-          With NIAS (Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies), to
support workshops that aim at bridging the humanities/social sciences
on the one hand with natural/technological sciences on the other.

-          With NLeSC (Netherlands eSciences Center), supporting
workshops related to “Big Data” challenges.

-          With CECAM (Centre Européen de Calcule Atomique et
Moléculaire), physical and chemical computational science.

Here you can find a pdf with information about our workshops.
I’m happy to discuss your ideas and answer any further questions you
may have about proposing a workshop.

Please distribute this information to any scientist you think may be interested.

Also on behalf Arjen Doelman, director of the Lorentz Center,


Henriette Jensenius


Dr. Henriette Jensenius
Science Planning and Evaluation
e-mail:  jensenius at lorentzcenter.nl
Tel     +31 71 527 5580

Lorentz Center: http://www.lorentzcenter.nl/
Proposal instructions:  http://www.lorentzcenter.nl/proposals.php

Thomas P. Robitaille | Max Planck Research Group Leader
Max Planck Institute for Astronomy

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