[AstroPy] command shell to start up ipython

foad hanassi-savari foadhanassi-savari at hotmail.co.uk
Mon Dec 9 15:52:15 EST 2013

Hi everyone,I have a trivial question. I am trying to open ipython in the anaconda command prompt (in windows 7 64-bits).I am currently doing the python for astronomers introductory course on astropython.org. I have already upgraded ipython and the packages  like astropy, aplpy etc and they work fine. At the moment I'm on the 'take your python for a spin!' section but cannot start up ipython in the command prompt. I have installed 7-zip and have untar-ed the file.Simply running %pylab doesn't work, I have tried so many different commands and non works for me. Can anyone help me please?
Thank you,Foad 		 	   		  
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