[AstroPy] extracting column names from VOtable

Susana Sanchez susanasanche at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 06:26:06 EST 2013

Hi all,

Probably this is a newbie question, but how can I extract the names of
the columns from the VOtable with the Astropy library?

I want to show the VOTable data in a nice way, using the Qt library,
so I need to extract the names of the columns and the data from a
VOTable. I have tried it using the Numpy record array associated to
the votable, see code below.  But I have problems when the votable
fields have 'ID' and also 'name'. I am wondering if there is a better
way to find the column names.

I would be very gratefully, If anyone can help me or give me any hint.


table = parse_single_table("/home/susana/Documents/examples/tables/cig22.xml",pedantic=False)
data = table.array
for k,v in dtype_a.fields.iteritems():

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