[AstroPy] Astronomy & Astrophysics Mini-Symposium at SciPy2013

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Thu Feb 28 18:09:28 EST 2013

Hi Tom,

On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 4:08 PM, Tom Aldcroft
<aldcroft at head.cfa.harvard.edu> wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> We are planning to have an Astronomy & Astrophysics Mini-Symposium at
> the SciPy2013 conference in Austin, TX in June 2013 [1].  The use of
> Python for astronomy research is growing rapidly, and we have seen the
> emergence of large and well-organized community efforts to develop
> analysis packages for astronomy.
> I'm excited to have the opportunity to organize and chair this
> mini-symposium.  This is timely moment for the astronomy Python
> community to get together and present what's new and exciting, as well
> as to discuss and define future priorities.  This will be an evening
> session taking 1.5 hours and consisting of 4 - 6 talks and some form
> of open discussion.
> I'd like to encourage everybody to attend SciPy2013 this year and
> participate in the overall discussion.  We need viewpoints not only
> from people deeply involved in development, but also newcomers and
> those who are just trying to get their research done.  I also want to
> specifically invite people to submit a talk or poster abstract so we
> can make the mini-symposium interesting.  The abstract deadline is
> March 20.
> If you have questions or suggestions please contact me or post to this
> list as appropriate.  Please forward this message to your colleagues
> who may not be on this list.  I'm interested in ideas for discussion
> topics that would be productive.  One possibility is examining some of
> the large community efforts (e.g. yt, SunPy, Astropy, etc) to look for
> opportunities for cross-project coordination.

I'm co-organizing the BoFs this year, and cross-project coordination
sounds like it could be a good fit if the discussions run long during
the symposium.

I'd also like to second Tom's call for participation -- if you haven't
been, SciPy is a pretty amazing conference drawing together people
from different domains of study.  The talks are usually quite good and
cover a wide range of interesting topics in many subjects.


> Best regards,
> Tom Aldcroft
> [1] http://conference.scipy.org/scipy2013/
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