[AstroPy] Bounds in parametric non linear fitting (astropy.modelling)

André Luiz de Amorim streetomon at gmail.com
Mon Jul 1 10:49:01 EDT 2013

Thanks for the prompt reply, Nadia, the issue was created. Is the fix is
trivial for you? If not, I will try to tackle it, as I am really needing
this functionality right now.



On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 4:20 PM, Nadezhda Dencheva <dencheva at stsci.edu>wrote:

>  Hi Andre,
> It's a bug. Please file an issue on github.
> Thanks,
> Nadia
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>   Hi, I am using NonLinearLSQFitter and SLSQPFitter to fit some data to a
> parametric model I implemented. I am trying to set some boundaries in the
> parameters, as some values can not be negative. It seems that the bouns are
> set correctly, I ran the code in debug mode and
> the NonLinearLSQFitter._set_bounds() method is reached, for example. The
> code says this fitter accepts boundary constraints, but it does no work in
> my tests, the parameters step outside the bounds. In the case
> of SLSQPFitter it does not even fit, it returns the initial guess.
>  Attached is a minimal example showing my approach. I would like to know
> if I am using the API correctly before filing a bug report (and/or trying
> to fix it :-).
>  Thanks,
>  André.
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