[AstroPy] ANN: ATpy 0.9.7 release

Yannick Roehlly yannick.roehlly at oamp.fr
Tue Jul 30 15:14:08 EDT 2013

Hi Thomas,

I'm really happy to read that the ATpy functionalities are now in
astropy.  Being able to auto-magically load a table without bothering
of its format is a wonderful feature.

But I think I can load a FITS table with 

 t = Table.read('test.fits')

only with the git astropy version, not the 0.2.4 version.  Is this

Thanks (to all astropy contributors).


PS: Do some of you go to ADASS this year?

Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and think what nobody
else has thought.

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