[AstroPy] colour RGB images and plotting

Thomas Robitaille thomas.robitaille at gmail.com
Tue Nov 12 02:49:53 EST 2013

Hi Sebastian,

You can use APLpy to make the RGB images and embed AVM meta-data:



Also requires PyAVM to be installed: http://astrofrog.github.io/pyavm/

If you can't get the AVM part to work, then once you've made the RGB
image, you can first call APLpy's FITSFigure with the FITS file that
has the same projection as the RGB image, then you can do ``show_rgb``
with the RGB image and it will use the header from the FITS file.
Ideally though, the AVM stuff should work. Let me know if not.


On 11 November 2013 22:49, Sebastian <sebas0 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hoping for some advice.. We are using Montage and the montage_wrapper in
> python to build stacked RGB colour images from individual *.fits images in
> three different astronomical bands of the same field. With the mJPEG
> command, Montage produces the RGB *.jpg image using three previously
> generated reprojected images. This *.jpg image file includes a header with
> WCS and other meta data.
> Anyone had any success in making matplotlib plots of Montage jpg images
> accessing on the JPEG header info? We wish to make plots of sections of the
> jpg image, overlay small boxes around source positions, plot coords grids,
> etc.
> - any previous experience? Best wishes!
> Sebastian.
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