[AstroPy] pyfits does not write to gzip ab+ objects

Erik Bray embray at stsci.edu
Mon Sep 9 19:02:37 EDT 2013

On 08/23/2013 01:49 AM, John K. Parejko wrote:
> Hello,
> On python2.7/pyfits3.1.2 , when I try to write to a gzip object in append mode, 'ab+', I receive an IOError: [Errno 9] read() on write-only GzipFile object. Whereas when I use mode 'ab', I receive no error.
> The former worked in pyfits 2.4-ish (what we were previously using). We use NamedTemporaryFiles to prevent accidental filename collision, and pass that through a gzip object to select the compression level, before writing with hdu.writeto(tempFile,checksum=True).
> I'm not sure whether pyfits or gzip is really the culprit here. I've attached an example.
> Thanks in advance,
> John

I was just taking another look at this because I've been working on refactoring 
some of the file handling code in pyfits.  And one thing that I noticed is that 
the `writeto()` method was only ever really designed for writing out a *new* 
file, and doesn't support appending to an existing file.  Now, it should still 
accept a file with 'ab+' mode and just write a new file (so long as a file with 
the given name doesn't already exist).  But in the case that the file doesn't 
already exist there's no reason to use append mode.  Just 'wb' should be fine.


> # Example:
> import gzip
> import pyfits
> import numpy as np
> hdu=pyfits.PrimaryHDU(np.random.random(10))
> #IOError: [Errno 9] read() on write-only GzipFile object
> f=gzip.GzipFile(filename='foo.fits.gz',mode='ab+',compresslevel=4)
> hdu.writeto(f)
> #works, resulting file is gzipped.
> f=gzip.GzipFile(filename='foo.fits.gz',mode='ab',compresslevel=4)
> hdu.writeto(f)
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