[AstroPy] astropy logo clothing now available

Perry Greenfield stsci.perry at gmail.com
Mon Sep 16 15:38:04 EDT 2013

We've set up an online store for astropy logo clothing that can be reached through these urls:


All items that are purchased result in 15% of the proceeds going to the astropy project (through the NumFOCUS foundation, which actually receives the funds).

I'm trying to add extra non-clothing items (e.g., tote bags, computer backpacks/cases, hats, etc.) which hopefully will appear in a day or two.

Also, if you are planning to attend the Astropy Coordination meeting, you may want to hold of on ordering anything right now. I believe there will be an attempt to arrange a group order beforehand.

This online store is allowed to list up to 50 items, so if there are items you are interested in that aren't shown, please contact us and we will try to accommodate such requests (different colors count as a separate listing). Click on the logosportswear.com link at the upper left to see all that they carry.


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