[AstroPy] how to initialize Ureka?

Christine Slocum cslocum at stsci.edu
Tue Dec 9 07:47:36 EST 2014

If you installed it as root, you'll need run the following commands as your regular user:

cd /usr/Ureka

The ur_config script will put the ur_setup alias in your login scripts and configure ~/.ureka - make sure you answer "yes".  Then open a *new* terminal window and try typing "ur_setup".

(Also, if you installed Ureka as root, you'll want to make sure you give the whole Ureka tree sufficient read and execute permissions.)


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Hi Shashi,
I installed ureka in /usr and there is a .profile file in my home, but there is nothing in ~/.ureka

[gg at localhost local]$ pwd
[gg at localhost ~]$ cat .profile

ur_setup() {
    eval `/home/gg/.ureka/ur_setup -sh $*`
ur_forget() {
    eval `/home/gg/.ureka/ur_forget -sh $*`
[gg at localhost ~]$ source  .profile
[gg at localhost ~]$ ur_setup
bash: /home/gg/.ureka/ur_setup: No such file or directory
[gg at localhost .ureka]$ ls /home/gg/.ureka/


On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 10:29 PM, Shashikiran Ganesh <shashi at prl.res.in<mailto:shashi at prl.res.in>> wrote:
On Tue, Dec 9, 2014 at 9:36 AM, gonghang.naoc <ghang.naoc at gmail.com<mailto:ghang.naoc at gmail.com>> wrote:

> Enter an installation name:
> ureka
> I log in a new terminal, and
> [gg at localhost local]$ ur_setup
> bash: /home/gg/.ureka/ur_setup: No such file or directory
> You never got  similar result before?

On ubuntu, the install script updates your .profile (and not .bashrc)
So try the following command first:

source .profile

before calling

Normally the .profile and/or .bashrc should be automatically called
when the terminal is first started (fresh login after finishing
installation), but the script would not be read again if it is changed
unless you give the 'source' command to re-read..


Shashikiran Ganesh, PhD
Astronomy & Astrophysics Division
Physical Research Laboratory
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