[AstroPy] reading tables causes seg fault

Semyeong Oh semyeong.oh at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 15:09:34 EST 2014

Hello astropy,

I’m having trouble reading ascii tables using astropy.table.Table.

d = {}
d[1] = Table.read(table1, format='ascii')
d[2] = Table.read(table2, format='ascii’)

Each table is less than 700Kbytes. If I just read one table, it’s all good, but python shell would
exit with segmentation fault upon reading the second.
Actually, I’ve had a similar experience with reading other ascii tables recently, but then the files were quite huge, so I thought maybe it’s related to that.

I’m using astropy 0.4.2, anaconda python distribution and OSX 10.10.1.
$ conda info
Current conda install:

             platform : osx-64
        conda version : 3.7.3
  conda-build version : 1.3.1
       python version : 2.7.8.final.0
     requests version : 2.5.0

Also, is there a way to search astropy mailing list? I couldn’t find one on archive, and I think it’d be really helpful.


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