[AstroPy] question about fpack and astropy.io.fits

Octavi Fors octavi at live.unc.edu
Wed Oct 8 23:06:50 EDT 2014

Hello everyone,

this might sounds like a newbie question, but do you know if fpack
compression package is supported by astropy.io.fits version 0.4.2?

the module "astropy.io.fits.compression" is mentioned to access compressed
HDUs, but it doesn't say if fpack is supported and how should this package
be specified in fits.open method.

My images images are 16 and -32bit. and I would like to make use of tiling
pattern (FZTILE='(n,m)', see fpack manual
For the -32bit images, any advise about noise-sensitive scaling
(SCALE_FACTOR?) and subtractive dithering to achieve high compression
ratios while preserving the scientific content of data, would be most than

Thanks in advance,


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