[AstroPy] pyregion and astropy -- differences of pywcs and astropy.wcs

Slavin, Jonathan jslavin at cfa.harvard.edu
Tue Oct 21 11:48:17 EDT 2014


I've run into an issue with using pyregion that seems to be related to
differences in the API for pywcs vs. astropy.wcs.  This may be discussed
somewhere, but I didn't run across it.  The problem is that pyregion wants
to invoke a wcs_sky2pix method for an astropy.wcs.wcs.WCS object.
Apparently pywcs.WCS objects have this method.  So I'm wondering, is the
pywcs wcs_sky2pix method the same as the astropy.wcs method wcs_world2pix?
If so, then the fix to pyregion is easy.


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