[AstroPy] Plot constellations over image with WCS

Marshall Perrin mperrin at stsci.edu
Tue Sep 16 15:54:27 EDT 2014

Hi Maik, 

See https://github.com/mperrin/misc_astro/blob/master/constellations.py

This supports both 2D plots like the ones you indicated, and 3D plots using mpl3d for rotating celestial sphere visualizations. 

The code is about 3 years old and I haven't tried it with any of the latest WCS visualization tools, but I'd imagine there won't be too many compatibility hurdles. Right now this just expects an Axes instance configured in degrees, and doesn't know anything directly about WCS or astropy coordinates, but it's got all the constellation outlines you're looking for. 

Hope this helps, 

 - Marshall

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Google didn't help me a lot so I thought this list is the best place for
my question.

What I'm after is drawing constellations over images with WCS info like


Is there a Python package that does that? Of not, is there some kind of
online catalog (using astroquery?) for constellations that I could use?
A static small offline catalog would be fine too.

Thanks for suggestions,
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