[AstroPy] Bug in wcs_world2pix?

Maik Riechert maik.riechert at arcor.de
Thu Sep 18 17:04:17 EDT 2014


I'm having some great trouble currently and am a bit confused too:

wcs = WCS(header)
x,y = wcs.wcs_world2pix(211, -26, 0)
print x,y # 836.316942718 658.26364248
ra,dec = wcs.wcs_pix2world(x, y, 0)
print ra, dec # 31.0 26.0

It seems like world2pix gives me bogus results. I was expecting values
way outside my image area (image size is 4256x2832). Am I doing
something obvious wrong?

The WCS headers can be seen at http://pastebin.com/JrdiL949

Thanks for the help,

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