[AstroPy] getting id value from xml files

Michael Droettboom mdroe at stsci.edu
Wed Apr 1 08:46:47 EDT 2015

In the specific case of your file, the INFO elements are all at the top 
level, so they can be obtained through the |.infos| member, e.g.:

|from astropy.io import votable
vot = votable.parse('file.xml')

def find_by_ID(vot, ID):
     for info in vot.infos:
         if info.ID == ID:
             return info.value

find_by_ID(vot, 'sfr')

But, as I said, this functionality really should be built-in to astropy, 
and PR https://github.com/astropy/astropy/pull/3633 adds this to master 
(and it’s more general because it will search the entire file, not just 
the INFO elements at the top-level).


On 03/31/2015 11:26 AM, Michael Droettboom wrote:

> On 03/29/2015 05:21 PM, Grigoris Maravelias wrote:
>> Hi Mike! I just found time to check it...
>> On 03/27/2015 02:43 PM, Michael Droettboom wrote:
>>> The you could do:
>>> |from astropy.io import votable
>>> vot = votable.parse("file.xml")
>>> value = vot.resources[0].infos[0].value|
>> |I tried that but returns an error:
>> |
>> |ERROR: IndexError: list index out of range [__main__]
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>   File "./xml_extractor.py", line 21, in <module>
>>     value = vot.resources[0].infos[0].value
>> IndexError: list index out of range|
> That was just an example if your file happened to have the same layout 
> as what I suggested -- since I hadn't seen your file, I just had to 
> guess.  Chances are your INFO element in question is in a different 
> location, so you'll need to adjust accordingly.
>>> I assume you are asking how to do this with astropy.io.votable?
>>> INFO tags can appear in a number of places in a VOTable file, so 
>>> without seeing the whole file, it’s hard to say.
>>> For example, if you had a file like:
>>> |<VOTABLE>
>>>    <RESOURCE>
>>>      <INFO ID="sfr" name="sfr" value="1.34267351483e-40"/>
>>>    </RESOURCE>
>>> </VOTABLE>
>>> |
>> You are almost correct. I provide an original xml file (see [1]) 
> I don't see the target of the citation (maybe just forgot?).
> Cheers,
> Mike
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