[AstroPy] Fast ASCII reader with Fortran notation

Derek Homeier derek at astro.physik.uni-goettingen.de
Wed Apr 1 10:59:11 EDT 2015


> This seems like a great addition.  I'd say go ahead and file a pull 
> request from your branch (with your description below in the initial 
> comment), as it's probably easiest for us to comment on it in that 
> interface.  It's not unusual for some back-and-forth on pull requests, 
> so it doesn't need to be "perfect" when you create it.

done (#3655) with some follow-up described there. Yes, some points
remain open for discussion re. performance vs. versatility.
I forked from master now since I could not get cython to rebuild cparser.c
in the stable tree, and switching back and forth from the last tagged release
turned out to be really messy.


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