[AstroPy] seeking feedback on how to process seismic images from astronomers

Mark Lai mlai at ices.utexas.edu
Tue Apr 14 19:08:59 EDT 2015

Hi all!

My name is Mark Lai, and I am currently a 1st year post doc in ICES
(computational math) at UT Austin doing work in seismic imaging with Sergey



A senior math professor mentioned some interesting image processing work by
astronomers so I thought I would try to reach out!

One of the problems we face is to how to process a seismic image to make it
visually appealing for geologists.  Page 3 in the below linked PDF shows
different types of processing. The middle figure in the second column is
the preferred one.  The paper, essentially a blog post, is by a famous
retired geophysicist in our field and argues for histogram equalization.


I am curious if anyone might any suggestions or feedback on how to process
these seismic images.  Thanks much and please let me know if you have any

Mark Lai
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