[AstroPy] seeking feedback on how to process seismic images from astronomers

R Schumacher rays at blue-cove.com
Wed Apr 15 11:58:54 EDT 2015

At 04:08 PM 4/14/2015, you wrote:
>One of the problems we face is to how to process a seismic image to 
>make it visually appealing for geologists.

In industrial vibration analysis we've moved mostly from waterfall 
plots to color intensity waterfalls, either Fourrier domain or time 
series ensembles.
Similar to what i do
but using the sometimes hated jet map 

I now try to use Mayavi when it lends itself, and it appears to be 
catching on in geophysics:

Ray Schumacher

Jan Medical, Inc. (SDRC) 
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