[AstroPy] combining columns when writing a table to latex

Moritz Guenther moritz.guenther at gmx.de
Thu Apr 16 13:06:17 EDT 2015

Hi Alex,

you will need to modify the table and add a new column before you call 
the latex writer. The LaTeX writer can only write the columns of your 
tables as they are.
However, personally, I would strongly prefer to have two columns (value 
and uncertainty) and not merge them into a single string. If anybody 
ever wants to read in the data from your LaTeX table (I sometimes pull 
the latex from astro-ph if I want to read data from a journal article 
that is not included as electronic table), astropy will read a tables 
where value and uncertainty are different columns easily, but it's some 
extra pain to parse a string column with values like "$10.5 \pm 1.1".


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