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Akshat Singhal akshat.singhal014 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 22 19:57:40 EDT 2015


I am using Montage and Montage_wrapper in astropy to co-add large set of
CRTS (Catalina Real-Time Transient Survey) images of different area of sky
for my project.
We wished to co-add all the images which overlap with certain region in the
sky (which is roughly 100s of images). We realized that to create a mosaic
(co-adding) of all those 100s of images combining all at once is a slower
process compare to combining few at once independently and then again
combining the resulted mosaic and so on.
What we noticed that when we co-add images which have no overlap with each
other (although have partial overlap with the region in sky), the montage
either returns a blank image or goes into infinite loop and eat up the
entire RAM. The likelihood of this event increases if the region of sky is
large and/or the number of images co-added at a time are less.
We couldn't figure out a way to fix this. Is there a possibility that when
given 2 non-overlapping images, montage recognize that it is the case and
avoid going to the infinite loop or simply stitch together those images.

Any insight would be a great help. If I failed to explain anything ,please
let me know

-Akshat Singhal
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