[AstroPy] Convert FITS header into astropy Table entries?

JJ Kavelaars jjk at uvic.ca
Wed Aug 19 11:14:08 EDT 2015

Or something like:

for key in ["HISTORY", "COMMENT", ""]:
   del h[key] 
names = sorted(h.keys())
rows = [h[k] for k in names]
t = Table(rows=[rows], names=names)

this only gets one value/key pair for each header key that may be duplicated.  Which one you get is not your choice here, so that might not be what is wanted.  Making a table with multiple rows is left as an exercise for the reader.

Doing those ‘delete’ commands without checking if the keyword exists outside a try/except is currently OK but won’t be in the future will raise an error if the keyword is missing.


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