[AstroPy] SDSS Survey Operations Software Developer

John K. Parejko parejkoj at uw.edu
Tue Nov 10 18:11:17 EST 2015

SDSS is advertising a Survey Operations Software Developer position at the University of Virginia. I'm advertising this position on the astropy lists because most of our ops software is in python.

The job posting is on the AAS job register:


A more detailed description, including some of the job requirements, is given here:


Inquiries regarding this position should be directed to Jennifer Sobeck (jsobeck at virginia.edu) and Connie Rockosi (crockosi at ucolick.org), though I can also answer short questions about it as most of the work will be taking over from me.

Thank you,

John Parejko
parejkoj at uw.edu
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Washington
Seattle, WA

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