[AstroPy] ANN: Sherpa v4.8.0 released

Doug Burke dburke.gw at gmail.com
Fri Jan 29 09:04:27 EST 2016


I thought we were compatible with numpy 1.10 - or did I just forget
something we said in the announcement? This does raise a question I've just
asked Tom Aldcroft: what is the expectation in the Astronomical Python
community about version support for numpy, matplotlib, gcc/gfortran,
astropy, ... (we're aiming to improve our Travis-CI build matrix to cover a
reasonable set of options).

The master branch of sherpa supports matplotlib 1.5: this release was just
to get something out that matched CIAO, so this fix didn't make it into the
4.8.0 code. The plan is to have a 4.8.1 release April-ish, which will have
the matplotlib fix in. Or you could just use the master branch and compile
from source - the changes in it since 4.8.0 are mainly clean up and
improvements to the build/test infrastructure. There is a little-bit of
improved functionality or bug fixes, but nothing likely to affect you
(although, of course, standard disclaimer about using an unreleased
branch). If neither of these are workable, then I'm afraid it is a case of
creating an anaconda environment and then using

% conda install sherpa 'matplotlib < 1.5' astropy ...


On Fri, Jan 29, 2016 at 8:53 AM Slavin, Jonathan <jslavin at cfa.harvard.edu>

> ​Hi Doug,
> I'm happy to hear of the improvements to Sherpa, though I'm disappointed
> that it's not compatible with matplotlib 1.5 and Numpy 1.10.  Do you expect
> to overcome those incompatibilities soon?  I use anaconda, so to use Sherpa
> at this point, I suppose I'd need to create an environment for it with
> those different versions of matplotlib and numpy.
> Regards,
> Jon​
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>> [It wasn't clear from the docs whether announcements like this are
>> supported on the email list; apologies if not]
>> Dear colleagues,
>> We are very happy to announce the v4.8.0 release of Sherpa, a Python-based
>> fitting and modelling system that has strong support for Astronomy data
>> (in
>> particular, X-ray data). Thanks to Zenodo and GitHub its DOI is
>> http://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.45243
>> Sherpa has recently been moved to an open-development model - with
>> development at https://github.com/sherpa/sherpa/ - and this release is
>> provided to match the functionality in the CIAO 4.8.0 release.
>> Release notes are available at
>> https://github.com/sherpa/sherpa/releases/tag/4.8.0 and include improved
>> functionality (e.g. the addition of the "wstat" statistic introduced by
>> XSPEC for incorporating a background when using Poisson statistics and
>> improvements to the interface to the XSPEC user models) as well as
>> improvements to the build and organisation of the module (e.g. improved
>> docstrings).
>> We provide Linux and OS-X packages for users of the Anaconda Python
>> Distribution,
>> $ conda config --add channels https://conda.binstar.org/sherpa
>> $ conda install sherpa
>> Or source code can be downloaded from
>> https://github.com/sherpa/sherpa/tags
>> One known issue with this release (which is fixed in the master branch) is
>> that it can not be used with version 1.5 of matplotlib. It is, as far as
>> we
>> know, compatible with recent releases of AstroPy!
>> Further information can be found at
>> http://cxc.harvard.edu/contrib/sherpa/ and
>> we look forward to any input you have. Please feel free to forward this
>> announcement to anyone who you feel would be interested in this release.
>> For the Sherpa core development team,
>> Doug Burke
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