[AstroPy] SciCoder Workshop, 1-5 Aug 2016 in New Haven.

Demitri Muna demitri.muna at gmail.com
Wed Jun 15 21:39:04 EDT 2016


I am happy to announce the eighth SciCoder workshop, being held at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut. This workshop may be of interest to young researchers (graduate students and postdocs), and it is designed to introduce modern programming practices, Python, and tools as specifically applicable to scientific research. The workshop includes hands-on coding and data analysis. (Feel free to insert the words “big data”, “data science”, and/or “astroinformatics” to taste.) A limited number of seats are available to ensure a personalized experience. This program has been very successful over the past six years and we've received a lot of positive feedback; we look forward to seeing this year's participants!

This year the workshop is being held from 1-5 August in New Haven, hosted at Yale University. Applications are now being accepted through 15 July 2016. Further details about the workshop can be found here:


A poster is be available from the web site for download and is highly suitable for posting, say, in your departments.


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