[AstroPy] ANN: Release of ccdproc v1.0

Steve Crawford crawfordsm at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 05:53:20 EDT 2016

Dear colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the release of ccdproc v1.0.

Ccdproc is is an Astropy affiliated package for basic data
reduction of CCD images.    Besides basic  data reduction, some of
the useful features in ccdproc include:

- propogation of uncertainties and tracking of bad pixels
- ImageFileCollections for easy sorting images by FITS keywords
- combination of images based on WCS
- easily built pipelines

The new release features many updates that provide it with nearly all
basic features available in other data reduction packages such as
IRAF.    We expect this version to have a stable API and long term
support for bug fixes.

More Information, repository, and issue tracker



Special thanks to all the new contributors since the last major
release including Christoph Deil, Forrest Gasdia, Carlos Gomez, Hans
Moritz Günther,
Nathan Heidt, Anthony Horton,   Jennifer Karr, Stefan Nelson, Joe
Philip Ninan, Punyaslok Pattnaik, Evert Rol,William Schoenell, Michael
Seifert, Sourav Singh, Brigitta Sipocz, Connor Stotts, Ole Streicher,
Erik Tollerud, and Nathan Walker.

We would also like to thank the contributions to astropy especially
the NDData package, astroscrappy, reproject, numpy, scipy, and the
astropy-helpers package.

Feedback, contributions, and comments are welcome.  We would
especially be interested in contributions of examples of using ccdproc and
comparisons to other reduction methods.

Steve Crawford and Matt Craig

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