[AstroPy] descriptive package descriptions?

Peter Teuben teuben at astro.umd.edu
Sun Nov 20 16:10:40 EST 2016

the one line packages descriptions, as for example seen on anaconda's


could use some cleanup/normalization. How are these generated? The astropy group could make them more coherent between them. I'm thinking of the unix man page description under the NAME field.  A few are still labeled "No Summary", and my eye also caught an author's colorful opinion.

The entry for "emcee" is labeled "kick ass blablabla".  Perhaps cute in 2015. But I really object to putting an opinion in a searchable line like that. We should stick to facts. I'm not even sure how to measure kick-ass anyways.  And how is one  to trump that one, if one ever write one that actually runs in reasonable time   There will be no end in sight in the language we'll have to use to describe codes. 


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