[AstroPy] Wrong earth mass in astropy.constants

Varun Bhalerao varunb at iucaa.in
Sun Nov 27 06:58:23 EST 2016

Astropy.constants has the following value for earth mass:

In [70]: const.M_earth
Out[70]: <Constant name=u'Earth mass' value=5.9742e+24 uncertainty=5e+19 unit='kg' reference=u"Allen's Astrophysical Quantities 4th Ed.">

Looking into Allen's, the reference is a 1992 book (Lerch, F.J. et al. 1992). This does not agree with the current value: 5.9722e24 +- 6e20

That value seems to come from a 2011 IAU publication:
(or even https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_mass)

The website of the IAU working group seems to be http://maia.usno.navy.mil/NSFA/NSFA_cbe.html - and there are even small differences in G, R_earth etc!

Can the values be updated?

-- Varun
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